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From the Archives (FTA) #107 Martial Eagle

Martial Eagle - Lake Nakuru 2019

When I'm burnt out from work, I often look back at some of my safari photos and plough through thousands of photos that I have taken. I find a couple of .raw images that I must've skipped over and edit them.

There's something about editing that just makes you chill AF. Playing around with highlights and shadows, balancing out colours and just flat out processing a decent shot to an amazing image is relaxing.

Anyways, here's a throwback series of my fav aerial predator, the Martial Eagle. It is one of the biggest and baddest Eagles in all of Africa. You can recognize this big boy with the black spots on its chest. Their wingspan range from 190-260cm, that's 6 feet 2 inches to 8 feet 5 inches. Picture Kristaps Porzingis & more, then add a little over a foot - that's the wingspan of these guys.

According to birding author Richard Liversidge, the heaviest recorded prey of a Martial was an antelope weighing almost 37kg, which the eagle killed and ate on the ground.

Due habitat loss, the Martial Eagle is considered an endanger species according to BirdLife International.

Here are some photos from a couple of really good sighting from Botswana in the Selinda Game Reserve bac in 2016 ( and from Lake Nakuru back in 2019.

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