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Captain Falcon saves the day (#22) Peregrine Falcon & (#37) White-winged Scoter

There were times when I cranked out the steps and see nothing. Back in February 2021, I went to Tommy Thompson to look for the Northern Saw-whet Owl. It seems like everyone has seen this tiny ass owl and someone even gave me directions on where to find it; "By the cedars, close to the view point". If anyone has ever been to Tommy Thompson, you know you are racking up the mileage every time you go. To top it off, there was a snow storm the day before, so we are talking freshly packed snow on the ground. I clocked 42,000 steps that day and my legs felt like I played a weekend basketball tourney in the bantam division.

I looked at ever damn cedar tree, walked 4-5 times past where the owl was supposed to be and even took my knox out and stood still for a good 20 mins looking at every branch in sight. NADA! ZIP. After half a day at Tommy Thompson, frustrated, tired and hungry, I questioned sometimes wtf am I doing! But ----I wasn't about to call it a day just yet. Not without a reward. No way I'm going home with nothing but sore legs and a shit ton of chickadee photos! So I popped open ebird and checked to see what is around. I hadn't seen a White-winged Scoter that winter and saw that there have been spotted at Humber Bay Park. As soon as I got there, I just beelined it to the point where I thought where they would be and within minutes, I actually saw the White-winged Scoters - both male and female. I thought, that was good enough! Let's head home.

As I was walking back to my car, a friggin Peregrine Falcon lands literally in front of me. Right 15 feet away from me! It's like the birding gods felt pity on me and was just like - here you go! Perfect lighting, perfect distance and it stayed there right in front of me for a good 10 minutes before flying away. This is why I love birding. You never know what you'll see. It's the classic case of hard work actually paying off (not really -- this was all pure luck). Captain Falcon came to save the day.

I will have another post on Peregrine Falcons in general, but this is more to show you that anything can happen when you go out there and have your tele-lens handy.


Here are some photos of Captain Falcon and the White-winged Scoters that day.

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