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Brad Pitt of the GTA Birding World (#382) Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Celebrity Status... that is exactly what this bird has achieved in the last week. Birders and photographers across the GTA have flocked to see the Yellow-crowned Night Heron at Colonel Sam Smith Park.

You cant miss it - just look for photographers either on the viewing platform or by the North Creek and you'll see it. Why are birders going gung over this heron? There are 2 species that fall under the Night Heron grouping. The Black-crowned night heron, which we see quite often here in Southern Ontario and the Yellow-crowned night heron, which rarely shows up in our hood.

Check out the map below where they usually reside and as you can see, #The6ix is not on it's pre-programmed migration path.

By no means is this bird rare, but rare enough in Southern Ontario which warrants the hastag #rarebirdalert! It is also old as fuck apparently!

This species shows up several times in the fossil record, and the earliest recorded fossil is 2–2.5 million years old (from Sarasota, Florida). -

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