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#379 - Green Heron at Sam Smith

#RosieOverEverything. Fatherhood is in full swing and despite the lack of sleep, seeing our baby Rosie smile after she poops and farts just warms your heart like Pizza Pops 2 mins in a microwave.

Right now, spring migration is in full swing and the parks have been jam packed with birds. I haven't been able to go out and have been living vicariously through insta posts of local photographers. It sucks not seeing warblers, but I wouldnt have it any other way.

Anyways, I convinced my wife that we have to get ready and practice me being away from Rosie when I get back to work. So I thought, what better way to do it than hit up the good ol local and spot the local celebrity there - the Green Heron. So I managed to sneak out of the house for just a little over an hour to look for this bird.

I actually thought I had seen a Green Heron before, but it turns out that I haven't.

Here are some snaps! This bird was cool AF. It was chillin by the North Creek at Sam Smith and there were already a couple of photographers there so it was easy to spot.

It wasn't as big as a Blue Heron that frequents the park. This thing was not shy or skittish at all unlike other star birds, which makes it easier to photograph.

Some cool facts from

The Green Heron is one of the world’s few tool-using bird species. It often creates fishing lures with bread crusts, insects, and feathers, dropping them on the surface of the water to entice small fish.


It was one of those days too where my camera was just taking good pics. It was overcast and raining, light sucks but made for good photos. I shot most of these 1/640 shutter speed, ISO 640 and f/7.1 using my 70-300mm / NikonD600.

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