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Aiyo, it's your boy Marc here. I've always joked about starting my own birding blog and calling it #BirdingIsCool. With the pandemic in full swing and being on parental leave after the birth of our sweet Baby Rosie, I finally had time to sort through thousands of photos and archive all the birds that I have seen. Now, that's all neatly organized, it's time to finally show them off. 

It all started after my first Safari in Kenya. Of course, it is mad wild to see a Lion eating a Zebra, watching the ellies play up close or finding that elusive leopard. But the more you go on safari, the more you start appreciating the little things, especially the birds. One of my guides told me once and it still rings true until today - "you look for the birds, you'll end up finding the Big animals". The safari guides that I've had on my trips to Africa def triggered me to have an appreciation for birds. Apparently, it is one of the hardest parts of their guiding tests and these safari guides get hyped when they see a rare bird! That's what made me get into it. 

People give you that weird look when you say that you are a birder. People still think that it is a hobby for retirees, ornithologists, naturalists, professional photographers etc. (and by the way, these people are fucking incredible). But nah, that ain't true. Birding is for everyone and with the constant lock downs thanks to Covid, it's one of the few things you can do safely. All you gotta do is get a pair of binoculars and a Peterson's or Sibley's field guide and you're good to go. 

Hopefully this blog can show you that anyone can enjoy this hobby. Anyone can do it! You can be a ball player, jock, scientist, banker, programmer, runner, or whatever weird stuff you do for living, birding will just straight out make you HAPPY and that is legit important right now. It is incredibly accessible and you can get hooked on it pretty fast. 

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But FRFR, more people should get into birding. You get to meet some interesting people along the way, like similar hobby-birders that are just padding their bird count stats or looking to have a good year.  These birders also just want to share their findings on Insta and FB and get likes for posting their capture on social media, you know because likes = dopamine and that shit just straight up makes you feel good. Birding is one of those activities that are both relaxing and thrilling at the same time. It's like walking with a purpose will clear your mind. This shit will make you better - trust me.

I'm hoping I can get to 500! I've beefed up my number thanks to a combination of being out in our urban green spaces in the GTA + being out on safari at least once a year (thanks to my job being in the travel industry). I also have one rule - if it moves like a bird, take a damn photo! I've seen over 50+ species of new birds when I am sorting through thousands of safari photos. That shit look like a sparrow? -- nah B, that's is a Pine Siskin. Is that another Goldfinch, looks sus. Nah - that's a migratory Warbler. "Shoot Now, Discover later" has been my MO and it works. 

Anyways, hope you enjoy the content of this page. Checkout my life list on this page and let me know if you want me to post any photos from that list.  Enjoy the music that comes along with it too while you read my shit. And please correct me if I identified a bird incorrectly #trusttheprocess.

Thanks and peace. 


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